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1200 Urban Center Drive, Birmingham, AL 35242

Investor Relations

E-Mail: ir@vmcmail.com
Phone: (205) 298-3220
Click here to request an annual report by mail.

Media Relations

E-Mail: media@vmcmail.com
Phone: (205) 298-3220

Community Relations

E-Mail: community@vmcmail.com
Phone: (205) 298-3220


See our Job Openings page.

Charitable Giving

E-Mail: giving@vmcmail.com

Product Sales and Information

Request Information

Operating Regions

Operating Groups
Construction Materials Facility Finder

Press Room

News Releases

Technical / Webmaster

E-Mail: webmaster@vmcmail.com

Business Conduct Policy Concerns

To report concerns, click here or call the Business
Conduct Helpline:
(800) 615-4331 (U.S. operations)
(800) 225-4220 (Mexico operations)

All Other Inquiries

Phone: (205) 298-3000

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